Pallet Shuttle Automated Storage Systems

The Pallet Shuttle Automated Deep Lane Storage Systems is an excellent storage option for storing and retrieving bulk pallet loads.  The systems are popular in cold storage, food and beverage processing and manufacturing environments.

The Omni-Directional Pallet Shuttle allows for transition in and out of rows and aisles eliminating the need for additional aisle transfer vehicles.   The levels are accessed via an elevator and can be integrated with Automated Guided Vehicles.

Pallet Shuttle Systems are energy efficient and include “Super Cap” technology which eliminates the need for battery charging or changing.

Fully Automated Rack Supported Pallet Shuttle Systems provide high cube and high throughput pallet storage including put away and retrieval of bulk stored pallets without interfacing the need for forklifts within the rack structure.

Rack supported buildings are fast to install and can be depreciated much quicker than a typical fixed building.    The systems are completely modular which allows for future relocation or removal in the case of business needs changing.

Pallet Shuttle Automation can be lease financed just like a building!

Rack Supported Building