Pallet Shuttle Deep Lane Storage Systems

Made in U.S.A.

The Pallet Shuttle Automated Deep Lane Storage Systems are an excellent storage option versus pallet flow, drive-in racking and floor stacking. The systems are popular in cold storage, food and beverage processing and general storage.

Companies worldwide use Pallet Shuttle to reduce labor and forklift travel in bulk pallet handling areas. Automated Pallet Shuttle Systems are energy efficient, require no batteries or chargers and work 24/7 in temperatures down to -40 degrees.

The Semi-Automated Shuttle Systems utilize forklifts and are modular and easily converted to a Fully automated systems as your business needs and labor demands require.

Semi-Automatic System

Fully Automated System

The Semi-Automated Pallet Shuttle System is forklift accessible on both in-bound and out-bound operations. The robotic carts includes extensive safety sensors and controlled via RF and WI-FI.

To ensure a safe transition of the shuttle from lane to lane, a patent pending magnetic fork lock applies when the forklift accesses each shuttle.

The Fully Automated Pallet Shuttle System uses state-of-the-art robotics and warehouse control systems to manage automated putaway and retrieval of bulk stored pallets.

The Warehouse Management and Shuttle Control Systems easily interface with exiting ERP and WMS systems. Pallet Shuttle is Made in America!