Automation and Robotics Financing

Residual Lease Financing is quickly becoming a popular method to implement Fully Automated Pallet Shuttle systems in existing or new manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Many companies today are in need of implementing productivity improvement projects, however internal capital approval is typically limited due to long term payback of labor savings.

In many cases, lack of capital improvement funding, forces managers and operators to work through inefficiencies by increasing expenses or head count versus implementing automated solutions.


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Lease-Financing enables customers to proceed with a labor saving Pallet Shuttle systems without the challenges of long term capital acquisition efforts. FMV (Fair Market Value) lease-financing is an off balance sheet approach to saving labor so that productivity gains can be positively cash flowed.

Rather than putting up all the capital up front, customers can pay first and last month down and proceed to pay on a monthly basis over a fixed term. At the end of the lease term, the customer can pay to own the equipment, re-finance the equipment’s fair market value or walk from the material all together.

The lease-financing climate is beginning to improve so funding may be easier than once thought. Reach out to discuss how we can help finance your Pallet Shuttle Deep Lane Storage project at 888.349.2735.